Theragun Mini Rose

$ 199.00 USD

This is the Theragun you can pack in your gym bag. Or your carry-on. Or—why not?—in your purse, for a percussive massage treatment wherever you are today. It packs twenty pounds of force in a device that weighs less than one and a half pounds, has three speed settings, and uses QuietForce technology, so it’s nearly silent.

How to use

When chiropractor Jason Wersland was injured in a motorcycle accident, he needed tools to help promote his recovery at home. His personal research eventually led him to found Therabody. Our favorite Therabody product: the Theragun, an elite quality percussive massager.

  • QX35 Motor with QuietForce Technology™
  • 3 speed settings (1750, 2100, 2400 percussions per minute)
  • 150 minute battery life
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • 6" x 5.3" x 2.25"; 1.4 lbs


What's Included:

  • Theragun mini
  • Soft Case (not shown)
  • Standard Ball Attachment
  • Power Adapter

Message. Recover. Lighten.


Client Love

Kelly W.

I finally know how to properly take care of my skin, and it shows! I've been using your products for a couple of months now and my skin is glowing. I receive compliments every single day.

Alicia M.

Who knew a successful skincare routine could be so simple. I love these products because they only have the necessary ingredients to work magic on my skin. I am on my third refill.

Melanie K.

Your Retinol is a blessing to my skin! I've been using it for 6 months now and my dark circles have completely disappeared. For a person with highly sensitive skin, this retinol is the only one that never caused any redness or inflamation.

Jessica A.

I am so glad I found you! I have been re-purchasing your products for over a year now and what a difference it makes. Not a day passes by without me receiving compliments about my glowy skin. And it's been good! Thank you!

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