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Spiral fitness is a virtual fitness platform that offers a variety of on-demand classes ranging from bodyweight, HIIT, pilates, sculpt, strength and mobility. Our story starts with a mission to provide health and fitness to everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Spiral fitness aims to bring movement to people of all ages, at any fitness level, and help them lead a healthier lifestyle by providing easily accessible content catered to the working professional. Our goal is to help enhance our client's well-being by teaching and guiding them through various aspects of health and wellness that benefit them both mentally and physically.

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Increase Productivity and Avoid Burnout

Let us help you incorporate regularly scheduled exercise time in your team's daily routine with easily accessible movement throughout the day.

Roughly 80% of people work at a desk and 50% of their day is spent sitting. Sitting for an extended period of time can lead to a lack of motivation, productivity and cause burnout amongst your employees. According to the Health Enhancement Research Organization, employee health is linked to higher productivity, better morale, engagement and overall company success. 90% of employees agreed that their employees performance (quality) and productivity (quantity) improved after employee wellness was prioritized.

Our mission is to make movement, of any kind, accessible to your employees to create a healthy work environment and help them lead healthier lives.
Bring Spiral fitness into your organization and include live virtual sessions and on-demand fitness programs.

Corporate Program Options

Live Virtual sessions

  • Ten to thirty minute live virtual zoom sessions one to five times a week accessible to all employees.

  • Sessions include either stretching, mobility or focused bodyweight movement (upper body, lower body or total body) depending on you organization's needs.

  • All sessions can be done at your desk in work clothes. (No activewear or gym equipment required)

On demand library access

  • A wide variety of videos that can accessed anywhere, anytime and customized to your organization.

  • Classes include bodyweight, pilates, mobility, strength, HIIT and sculpt.

  • Length of classes ranges from ten minutes up to one hour.

Corporate conferences and events

  • Short sessions of movement to provide energy and breaks for your conferences or special events.

  • A scheduled HIIT, Pilates or Cardio class before the conference or event begins as well as a mobility and stretch session in the middle of the day during the conference.

  • A scheduled HIIT, Pilates or Cardio class at a designated location featuring various giveaways, goodie bags from brand partnerships


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Conferences & Events

Alliott Global Aliiance Conference
Located in Washington D.C. (2022)

Spiral Fitness live class event
Located at Vitru in West Hollywood, CA (2022)

Spiral Fitness live class event
Located at the Bonaventure hotel in Downtown Los Angeles (2020)

Spiral Fitness live class event
Located at the Bonaventure hotel in Downtown Los Angeles (2021)


Adelle Oaks-employee of Casey Neilon Inc.

I honestly did not like working out before I started training with Jordyn and Chelsea at Spiral. I started out doing 10 minute daily zoom sessions with Spiral because they were hired on by my company. I originally thought this was going to be silly because its 10 minutes, but I left each class sweating and feeling stretched and refreshed. I also learned a lot of moves that I didn't know before, that help me today in my daily life. Jordyn and Chelsea have a wide range of physical fitness knowledge and it shows. On top of that, these girls have the biggest most bubbly personalities and they make working out fun. I highly recommend hiring Spiral, personally or as an employee, they are amazing!

Kyle LaRue-employee of Casey Neilon inc.

In our office, we all sit at our desks for at least 8 hours a day. We brought in Spiral during our busiest times of the year to help break up the day. It was great to be able to get up and get the blood pumping. It was great to get the energy going and wake your brain up during the long day. It was also an awesome way to connect with the people you work with. It gave us something fun to look forward to during the long slog of tax season. The instructors are great. They are fun and high energy. They keep things light but also really know how to motivate you to get the best workout you can in ten minutes. Personally, I feel like my productivity increased since we’ve been training with Spiral. When you’re up and moving during the work day your brain just feels more awake. 10/10 would recommend Spiral. You can definitely feel the benefits both physically and mentally.


Spiral Fitness was founded in 2020 by Chelsea Martin and Jordyn Casey. Chelsea and Jordyn have experience in group fitness, personal training, corporate wellness programs and formed Spiral to help clients start living a healthier lifestyle.

Chelsea Martin is a Florida native who moved to California to pursue her dream in fashion. She spent over 5 years working in the fashion industry and landed her dream job at a big corporate company. After spending years of putting her health and wellness on the back burner, she decided to put her health first and start helping others live healthier lives and achieve their fitness goals. She is inspired by movement that helps her with her mental health and helps her clients feel strong in their bodies. She loves to push clients push past their limits and reach their highest potential.

Jordyn Casey is from a small town in Northern Nevada and comes from a dance background. Over the past several years she’s taught a wide range of fitness classes, worked with celebrity fitness clientele and was previously the fitness director at a studio in Hollywood, California. She helps her clients have fun and find discipline on both an individual and group level. She hopes that by promoting a healthy mind and body she can help her clients find enjoyment through exercise and movement