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Why Group Fitness?

May 25, 2022

To be honest, group fitness can be extremely intimidating. Especially when you’re trying a class for the first time that is completely out of your comfort zone. It can be scary walking into a room full of “veterans” who know exactly what they are doing, the way a class might look, or fear of standing out and embarrassing yourself. If this is you, first off, this is TOTALLY normal. But don’t let the first class jitters scare you out of group fitness! There is a first time for everything and honestly the benefits outweigh all of your fears. Once class gets started, all your fears will go away and you’ll feel right at home!

Fear aside, there are SO many amazing benefits to group fitness!

  1. Motivation: by joining a group fitness class you not only get motivation from the instructor but other students. Seeing others perform well during a class will help motivate you to show up and push you to do your best during that class!
  2. Structure: because the class is set up by the instructor, it takes the work out of you having to come up with your own workout.
  3. Community: group fitness is a great way to meet new friends and people with similar goals.
  4. Variety: There is so much variety in group fitness that there might be one class you really didn’t live and one that you love. There might be an instructor you connected with and another you didn’t. Because there is so much being offered, there is something for you!
  5. Fun: most importantly group fitness is FUN! Its a way to push yourself out of your comfort zone, break free from judgement and have a damn good time doing it!

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