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Our Favorite Easy (and Healthy!) Breakfasts

November 6, 2021

Breakfast, It’s the most important meal of the day, seriously.  Eating a well-rounded breakfast helps get you energized for the day, kick starts your metabolism and boosts your brainpower.  We get it, a lot of time you’re either rushing out the door and forget to eat our breakfast or claim you “didn’t have time.” But we’ve got your back and want to get you into healthy habits, to not only fuel your body but your mind.

We’ve put together four different breakfast options that are super easy to make and most of which you can make the night before, so no more excuses!

1.  Overnight Oats

a.    Grab a mason jar or tight sealed container

b.   Fill container with ½ c of rolled oats + a ½ c of almond milk (or any milk of your choice)

c.    Mix together and leave it in the fridge overnight!

d.   From there its up to you! Add fruit (banana, strawberries, blueberries), nuts or nut butter (almond, cashew or peanut), seeds (pumpkin, chia or sunflower), sweetener (maple syrup, agave nectar or vanilla) OR all the above!

2.  Avocado Toast

a.    Grab two slices of whole grain toast and pop them in the toaster.

b.   While your toast is toasting, prepare your eggs.

c.    Take two eggs and cook them to your liking (Note: if you don’t eat eggs try a tofu scamble!)

d.   Take half of a ripe avocado and mash onto your toasts with a fork.

e.    Sprinkle sea salt, garlic salt or everything but the bagel seasoning onto your avocado.

f.     Top with eggs,  add some hot sauce if you prefer & you’re good to go!

3.  Breakfast Smoothie

a.    Grab your blender!

b.   Add half a frozen banana

c.    1c any milk of your choice

d.   1c frozen berries ( strawberries and blueberries is our fave combo :))

e.    ¼ c 0% fat greek yogurt (dairy free? Use your go to dairy free yogurt instead!)

f.     1 tbsp of nut butter

g.    Handful of spinach

h.   Blend together and add in more milk as needed until it has reached your desired thickness and you’re ready to go out the door!

4.  Breakfast Muffins

a.    Preheat oven to 350 degrees and generously spray muffin tin with non stick cooking spray

b.   BASE-Combine wet ingredients

     i.     2 large bananas (mashed!)

ii.     2 large eggs

 iii.     ¼ c maple syrup or agave nectar

 iv.     1c any milk of your choice

v.     1 tsp vanilla extract

c.   BASE-Combine dry ingredients

i.     2c rolled oats

 ii.     ½ c whole wheat flour

iii.     1 tsp baking powder

 iv.     1 tsp cinnamon

v.     ¼ tsp sea salt

d.   Slowly add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix until combined.  Add toppings of your choice either to batter or in the center of the muffin once in the tin.

i.     Optional Toppings:

1.    Blueberries

2.    Diced Apples

3.    Chopped Almonds

4.    Banana Slices

5.    Chocolate Chips

e.    Add batter to muffin tin filling each cup close to the top.

f.     Bake for 20-30 minutes! The perfect “grab-n-go” breakfast!

TIP: stick toothpick or fork into center of muffin and make sure it comes out clean!

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